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Owen Lambert Welcomes Cuadrilla’s Drilling Suspension

by Morecambe Liberal Democrats on 20 October, 2019

Morecambe Liberal Democrat candidate, Owen Lambert, says he is “thrilled to hear” Cuadrilla’s decision to remove equipment from their Lancashire site; slamming current Morecambe MP, David Morris, for “supporting fracking”.

After a 2.9-magnitude earthquake, in August, fracking company Cuadrilla suspending all drilling activity on its Preston New Road site. More recently, however, the gas giant announced its decision to begin removing equipment from the site. With Cuadrilla’s drilling license due to expire at the end November, the company have stated that they may not seek a renewal.

Owen Lambert, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Morecambe and Lunesdale, was quick to take to social media to share his thoughts on the topic – welcoming the decision and criticising current MP David Morris.

Lambert has been actively involved in local politics, supporting the anti-fracking movement and fighting for more sustainable energy in Morecambe. On his social media profile, he stated that Cuadrilla’s decision, “is a necessary step towards improving our sustainability and fostering a healthier environment for the people of Morecambe”.

Adding that “The motto of Morecambe is ‘Beauty surrounds, Health abounds’. Fracking will not achieve that, and the people of Morecambe deserve better”.

Meanwhile, current Morecambe MP, David Morris, has yet to comment. In the past, Morris has been a keen supporter of fracking and shale gas exploration, generally voting in favour of it. In previous news articles, Morris has also stated that, “Fracking is imperative for our future energy security”, stating in another article that he is, “Pro-fracking”.

When asked about Morris’ stance on fracking, Lambert stated, “David Morris has consistently supported fracking, despite its dangerous and damaging consequences.”

“How can he claim to represent the good people of Morecambe and Lunesdale when he is deliberately supporting initiatives that damage our environment?”

With support for Fracking falling to an all-time low and the Government’s recent commitment to making Britain greener, it is unlikely that fracking will recommence at the Lancashire site.

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